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“I’ve never really heard of Sun worship…” you admit to Springan.

“Well, you’re not a Mallowmarg so I wouldn’t be surprised. We tend to not talk about our faith a great deal, most people find it distasteful.”

“Your faith in particular or…”

“Oh, faith in general. The minute a civilization can place itself on another planet outside of their immediate system the idea of religion tends to dissipate…”

“Well, I am sort of curious. I know about the Mantoid and their religion and of course we Kem have our own faith. I’m not a practicing Tidewatcher, but I know all about it. I’m curious about your people and what they worship.”

The Mallowmarg smiles and gulps down the rest of his fermentea.

“Could I get two glasses of water, please?”

You raise a quizzical brow, but acquiesce, taking two plastic cups and filling them with water. You set them in front of Springan.

“Wonderful,” he arranges the two glasses in front of him and gestures to both of them, “Sun worship is a half of a larger belief structure, but in a way stands on its own. It stands in contrast,” his hand moves from the left glass, to the right glass, “but it is also similar to its counterpart… Moon worship.”

You lean on the counter and study the glasses.

“So you’re saying that Sun and Moon worship are identical?”

“Indeed. The same practices, rituals, and beliefs with the one exception of our focus in our respective faiths, our Suns and Moons.”

“So if the religion is so similar across the branches why is there a distinction?”

Springan smiles cheekily, “Nobody really knows. It was a distinction that originated in our past on the homeworld but the idea of a singular Sun or Moon to be worshipped falls apart the minute you set foot on a planet that orbits a binary star, or if you settle on a moon orbiting a gas giant.”

“This is incredibly confusing. What is the benefit of having such distinctions?”

“The original distinctions are long since expired, what has happened is that these ideas of the Sun and the Moon have taken on a new sort of metaphorical concept…”

“So basically you’re not really worshipping a sun and a moon, but something they represent?”


“So what do they represent?”

“Nobody knows!”

You bury your face into your tentacled mitts, “You’re kidding me…”

“There’s no set ideas about what the Sun and Moon are… it’s more based on your disposition and what you attribute to them. From there you just observe the iconography and ritual based on your disposition and you are able to switch between Sun and Moon as your life experience may dictate to you.”

“Then how does a group worship the Sun if they all have different conceptions of what the Sun actually is?”

“Well, in truth the Sun and Moon do have overarching ideas attached to them, but they are not limited to the conceptions and exceptions do exist.”

“So then what would I expect from a Sun worshipper… aside from confusion?”

Springan laughs, “Optimism, mostly. Sun worship mostly has an optimistic bent.”

“I take it Moon worship is pessimistic?”

“Not at all, it’s more… hm, I guess I’d say that Moon worship is more… pragmatic.”

“How so?”

“Moon worship does tend to be the route of choice for my people during the down times, when things aren’t great, but regardless of the darkness the Moon still represents light. If you’re worshipping the Moon you’re more likely in a bad period, but you retain that shred of optimism.”

“So you’re a Sun worshipper, but you say that there are exceptions… is that coming from personal experience?”

Springan nods. “I’m normally a Moon worshipper. This opportunity on Korva IV has changed my disposition.”

“Your last name is Sunvault though, right…”

“Well that’s an entirely separate-”

You hear the Cantina door slam as your co-owner Jef enters. His brow is furrowed and he is clearly in a mood. He surveys the area, snorts, and stomps off toward the back room as you and Springan watch. Jef does not even notice his tail brush hard against the bar as he corners it, knocking a napkin off the bar where it drifts to the ground.

You sigh. Jef being in a bad mood is never good.

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