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The large fella seem affable enough, and you ask him what he would like.

“Well, do you have any fermentea?”

You bring a tentacle to your chin as you make a mental inventory check. You are drawing a blank.

“I’m afraid I’m not sure, let me check the back. Can I offer you some water in the meantime?”

“Oh, that’d be wonderful, thank you.”

You grab a glass from the steamer drawer which is hot to the touch and place it on the drainage-grill and then grab the dispenser and fill the glass with ice-cold water. You take the glass and slide it in front of the thirsty Mallowmarg who you notice isn’t sitting. The bar stools must not be able to accommodate his frame.

“Do you want a large stool?” you ask.

“Oh no, no.” He smiles. “These are perfectly fine.”

With an effortless hop he lifts himself into the air and practically drifts down, landing gingerly across two stools.

You’re puzzled by this as you wander into the supply room to look for the Fermentea. You dig around through a few boxes and find one small bottle and bring it back out with you. The Mallowmarg has already drank all of his water and looks at you expectantly.

You smile and gesture to the small bottle wrapped around your tentacle. “Last one.”

The Mallowmarg’s eyes twinkle.

“Do you want it over ice?” you ask.

“Oh, no, please, can you heat it up?”
Again you’re puzzled, but pour the contents of the bottle into a tall glass and slot it into the old Quikheat.

You begin to weigh your choices, pun unintended, but you are amused by it anyway. Do you ask about the seemingly light-as-a-feather nature of your current patron, or maybe ease into more formal introductions?

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