Written By David Davis
Illustrations By David Davis


Lucky Strike Transport Corporate Medical Documentation

kracker_medfile_photoOnboard Physician: Dorian D’Lazmuh RM.

Psychological Profile: Senn Toucair (04.20.2809)

Species: Parrack

Age: 23

Note: I am writing this introduction about one week after my interview with Senn Toucair, the Lucky Strike’s pilot. For circumstances that will be revealed in the course of the interview and my reflection, Toucair and Kameku had to repair my transcription machine.

Toucair, Kameku, and Guugel were the final three members added to the crew of the Lucky Strike, and had all arrived together. Apparently Toucair and Kameku had an existing relationship with Bernell Marken from their time at the university on Gnarlruut. Curiously, Guugel was a recent encounter of theirs who tagged along, which I find to be quite curious. Regardless, my interactions with Toucair have been… less than pleasant. The Parrack has the joviality that is expected of his kind, but it masks something that I have not quite been able to identify. There is some form of trauma that Senn seems to be masking through his “prankster” personality. While he is admittedly charismatic and can be funny, there is a certain mean-spiritedness in his various pranks and jokes. While Mara, Marken, and Dash seems to shrug it off as normal behaviour, Guugel and I have been on the receiving end of what I would attribute to “hazing behaviour.” There isn’t a maliciousness in the joking and pranks, but there is a sort of intensity in their frequency and their cuttingness, as though they are an outlet for internalized strife of some kind.

I do fully intend to get to these issues as he begins to open up. I do not necessarily fear that these are issues that are immediately pressing and dangerous to his well being, with the exception of his drinking. Senn seems to drink a lot, to the degree where he keeps a small flask in his pocket at what seems to be all times. If he is indeed alcoholic he is a remarkably high-functioning one, as I have not seen his performance in his duties affected by his drinking. While it does not seem like an excessive amount, the presence of a flask is worrying to me, from a clinical standpoint. I’ve done some investigation into his medical history, as my duties as a Resident Medic require me to build a profile, and discovered that he does have mild tremors. My working theory is that the alcohol is an attempt to soothe some form of nerve-pain from a prior injury. There is some indication of an injury in his childhood, but the records are curiously lacking. I will need to learn more about this history to develop a treatment plan. I understand that my first log has drifted more to the physical side of his well being, but admittedly he has not given me a ton to work with at the present.

As for the incident I referred to earlier concerning my damaged transcription machine, the following is a recovered sequence recovered by Senn and Dash that should illuminate some of the issues at hand.

04.12.2809 – 14:45 Transcript – Subject – Toucair, Senn

D’Lazmuh: Senn, I want to thank you for bringing some of your medical records to me. This should really speed up the process of building your profile.

Toucair: Yeah, sure… hey, what’s that thing you have slotted into your tablet?

D’Lazmuh: Huh? Oh, this is a special transcription device. It allows me to both record and create a written transcription log of a conversation as I run my other analytic software.

Toucair: Huh? Isn’t that built into your tablet? You need a whole second device? That seems backwards…

D’Lazmuh: Certain diagnostic applications require a higher level of processing power so-

Toucair: I could probably boost the processor, or maybe even streamline-

D’Lazmuh: I’d really rather just keep my set-up the way it is…

Toucair: No way, man. Look let me-

The transcription app cut off the moment Senn ripped the device from my tablet in an attempt to diagnose it. Unfortunately that diagnosis also included forcing the device open, amazingly ripping through the plastic seal. Upon doing so several key components were exposed and proceeded to clatter to the floor, necessitating the session to pause as we scoured the medbay for the missing components. Admittedly he felt relatively guilty about this, though he was quick to point out the design-fault of the device. He then promised to fix it and from what I gathered enlisted Dash to aid him.

Oddly enough, this situation worked out in my favor. This is a trend Dash refers to as “Toucair Luck” which from what I gathered indicates that Senn does something that initially causes trouble but ultimately serves to benefit him or an associate in the long run. When Kracker brought back the transcription device it was upgraded beyond recognition. It is now a separate, wireless unit, about the size of a small credit chip, that can be attached to the tablet for storage and charging. Ultimately it is a much sleeker and convenient unit.

Resident Medic Dorian D’Lazmuh: 04.20.2809