Written By David Davis
Illustrations By David Davis


Lucky Strike Transport Corporate Medical Documentation

guugel_medfile_photoOnboard Physician: Dorian D’Lazmuh RM.

Psychological Profile: Guugel (05.03.2809)

Species: Wot

Age: 3

Due to recent circumstances, most of which were covered in my former profile on Senn Toucair, I am running behind on my psychological profiles. I immediately readjusted my scheduled interviews when I realized that I had yet to interview Guugel. This is a rather clumsy oversight on my part and I feel a great deal of regret for being so easily distracted. Guugel is a bit of an enigma, but he is also unusually forthcoming despite being a Wot, who, historically seem to be a very aloof sort of species.

From a purely observational approach, Guugel appears to be a very passive individual.  Mostly I see him going about various tasks throughout the day ostensibly related to his role of security-officer, which I admittedly dismissed. I was unaware, when I first met him, about the rigors of space travel and the amount of potential danger we would be facing. Though Guugel is only the astounding age of three years old, he’s spent his entire life as a spacer in some form or another. I must digress for a moment about the discovery that Guugel is only three years old. Academically there is not a whole lot known about the Wot due to their notorious sense of privacy, but I am admittedly excited to potentially fill in those gaps of knowledge through my relationship to Guugel. I can only seem to infer that the Wot mature at an incredibly fast rate, which I assume may be connected to a truncated lifespan, much like the Mantoid. There is no publicly available information about Wots dying of natural causes, however, so this is just a hypothesis.

Returning to the observations, Guugel spends a rather large amount of his time pacing the corridors of the ship. I initially attributed this to him taking his job particularly seriously, however, I do have a potential theory: Space travel disorients him to a great degree and he needs to be moving in order to combat this. I have noticed that being particularly still for more than a minute seems to cause him to rock, slightly, as though he is disoriented. If coming from a particularly immobile period his first steps are unsure and labored. I have not been able to do much physiological study of the Wot body plan, but my assumption is the large eye that makes up the bulk of the Wot’s form is filled with a  proportionate level of intraocular fluid and the artificial gravity creates some form of fluid displacement that affects his body unless he is otherwise in motion. I admit I am easily distracted by the physiological structure of his form.

Really though, it makes the most sense to seek out knowledge about his perspective directly from him. First, though, it must be established that the conversation was mostly handled through written responses on a standard dicto-tablet. While Guugel is capable of hearing me, he has no physical capacity to speak. I admittedly felt annoyance at this process of question and typed response, but I quickly became intrigued by the information I received. In order to facilitate this process and put myself on his level we engaged in a brief mobile-based text exchange. Rather than jumping immediately into particularly detail-seeking questions, I spent this session focused on more generalized queries and observed his body language as he responded. Below is a transcript, unedited:

DD: How is your day going?

G: Okay I guess.

DD: How do you mean?

G: We’ve hit a bit of a lull here lately. I’m just a bit bored I suppose. I can only reduce so much of the carbon-scoring on my blaster before I strip it down what is left of the paint job.

DD: Anything particularly annoying happen to you today?

GG: The little blue robot ran off with some of my soil today.

DD: Your soil?

G: Ah, right, I forget you guys don’t really know a lot about me. I collect soil from different planets we visit.

DD: Why do you do that?

G: Eh… a couple reasons. It’s nice to have a record of where I’ve been. My people tend to be homebodies, but I couldn’t handle that. Plus, a Wot’s gotta eat. (>⓪)>

DD: You eat the soil?

G: Heh, well, kind of? I absorb the nutrients. You do realize, at least phylogenetically, that my people are descended from plants?

DD: I had no idea.

G: Ah, nah, that makes sense. My people play that one pretty closely. Maybe I said too much. I know you’re going to ask more about that eventually, and that’s cool, but I mean, I really don’t want to give away a whole lot right now. Gotta preserve the mystery. c( O )b

DD: Part of me is excited by this prospect, but another part is incredibly annoyed by your cavalier attitude.

G: Hahaha. d( ⌒ )b

DD: Did you ever get your soil back?

G: I did actually. I thought it was just the robot doing his whole sneaky thief thing, so I actually climbed into the vents to find him. When I did he showed me this mushroom he was growing that looks a little bit like me.

DD: Blu is growing fungus in the ship’s ventilation? I’ll need to look into allergens in the air. Anyway, what sort of work have you been involved in?

G: Pretty much just security. Worked on the Serreven for about a year until things went crazy with some monster. Dash saved my life and I was getting bored there anyway, so I decided to tag along with him since he had a job lead on Teslovia. Now I am here.

DD: Are you satisfied with your life?

G: I’m getting paid to travel and shoot some big guns. Why wouldn’t I be?

DD: I’ve noticed you’re really into your guns. Why is that?

G: They’re tools. Admittedly expensive, powerful tools. That and target shooting is a lot of fun. Plus, there is a bit of a rush of being such a deviant among my people. Heh. c( ⌒ )b

DD: Where do you want to be in five years?

G: Actually, can we pick this up another time? I need to check on a couple things.

While generally friendly and forthcoming, there were some interesting moments in regards to his body language when it came to some of these questions as he read them over. I was particularly intrigued by his almost visceral reaction to the last question, concerning where he wanted to be in five years. There was a discernable shudder. I wonder if it may have something to do with an acknowledgement of his mortality? Considering the level of intellectual maturity illustrated at such a comparatively young age that may indicate, again, that a Wot’s lifespan is relatively short, necessitating such rapid intellectual development.

I still have many questions for him. Perhaps one of the largest that I am eager to approach is how he and Dash seem to have some form of psychic conversation that I have observed many times. The presence of psychic-communication is not a foreign one as research has shown, conclusively, that image-based thought transference occurs. What seems to occur between Dash and Guugel seems leagues beyond what has been observed in a laboratory setting, which may indicate Wot primarily communicate telepathically within their society. But that of course brings up two concerning questions… How can Dash engage in this process, and why can I not?

Ultimately, I guess my impression of Guugel thus far is best summarized in his own terms: v( ⌒ )v

Resident Medic Dorian D’Lazmuh: 05.03.2809