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Teragine Inc. Announces Complete Conversion of Barren Planetoid to Living World

B-52, Jorma System: 50 years ago, Teragine Inc. was commissioned by the Federation of Allied Planets to do what seemed to be impossible; Teragine Inc. was hired to convert a barren planetoid, Bornoi 3,  into a class 3 planet suitable for colonization within 100 years of the launch of the terraforming process. Today, Teragine Inc. is proud to announce the this process has completed in 50 years. Through our proprietary technology and techniques Teragine Inc. is now able to convert nearly any planetoid in any system into a stable, colonizable planet.

Of the recent achievement, chief engineer of the project, Marval Dez, said “what we have accomplished with Bornoi 3 is a remarkable testament to the ingenuity of our employees. With this success in massive-scale terraforming we have effectively opened up large-scale colonization on worlds which have been understandably overlooked by galactic governments. We can roughly estimate that this process can open up double the potential colonizable planetoids in existing systems.”

The current contract between Teragine Inc. and the Federation opens up Bornoi 3 primarily to Astro-mole colonists and representatives of Teragine Inc. to continue the process of assessing the growth of the flora and fauna of the planet and to further research the burgeoning ecosystem. Federation officials and Teragine Inc. have both stated the plan is to open up Bornoi 3 for wide-scale colonization when both parties are satisfied with the planet’s ecological stability. Teragine Inc. is still engaged in large-scale terraforming on the planets B-52, Roeget, and Parvun.

About Teragine Inc.: Teragine Inc. has given the Astro-mole population notoriety and purpose through their mining, manufacturing, terraforming, and research industries over several centuries. Teragine Inc. can be found in the Federation and CrossFactional Investment Exchanges. You can read more on Teragine Inc. at their GIN hub, or visit their offices on Teslovia, Galactic Hub Serreven, Aurin, Aranport, or B-52.