Welcome to the second installment. I am still taking questions and ideas for discussions between the characters, but for now we have our first guided set of options at the end of the story, by the time I write the next one I will see which of the options was the more popular one and write the next installment accordingly. Ideally I am aiming for these to be a little more frequently posted, so by all means bug me on twitter about when the next one comes out.

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As your patron begins to narrow down his selection, you decide to ask him a question.

“That’s some interesting garb you’re sporting. Where did you get that hexagonal fabric?”

The Jemell looks up at you for a moment, his eyes are beady, and he is caught off guard. His tentacles wiggle slightly, and from what you’ve gathered that’s a sort of involuntary twitch when something pleases that species, almost like a smile of sorts.

“Ah, my mother made this for me. She’s a weaver. Do you like it?”

“It’s very pretty.”

A weaver, hm? That leads you to a new question…

“What is it that you do? Did you follow in her footsteps?”

The tentacles wiggle again.

“Actually, I didn’t, but I do fancy myself an amatuer designer.”

His eyes cast back out over the touch screen. They grow slightly wide and he turns to you excitedly.

“You carry conberry extract? Can I get that in a cocktail?”

You run an inventory in your head, and recall the deep purple syrup in a bottle. More than half-full as well.

“Yep, I can totally do that. What sort of cocktail are you after?”

He sounds positively mirthful as he says “surprise me!”

Conberry tends to be very sugary, but it plays well with more acidic ingredients, but on the other hand, the patron may have a sweet tooth.

So will you make something sweet or something sour?

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