Welcome to the first installment of the Cosmic Dash RP game Star’s Rest Cantina. This is a game where you, the readers RP as a cantina owner who can ask questions and converse with the various alien travelers who sit at your bar.  This was originally posted on tumblr, and new installments will be compiled from comments both here on the site, as well as the tumblr account. Ignore any tumblr references here as they are directly from the original archives.

At the end of each entry you can comment with your own questions you have for the visitor, which will then turn into prose. It’s a great way to explore this gigantic universe I’ve created and allows you all to shape these canon narratives. And yes, this is indeed canon.

Anyway, this is our first installment. I’ll be using the tag #starsrestcantina for archival purposes. I have limited access to tumblr tools at my current location, so I may edit this a bit when I get home, and I’ll definitely include a picture of the alien. You can see him in the previous post.

Some terminology: Morriband is a planet in one of the Cyclopasian Neutrality’s territories and is widely known as a transit hub, or a stop along most interstellar journeys. A gomben is a bipedal humanoid with a short, trunk-like proboscis and large feet that house gas bladders allowing them to walk on water. They use their trunks to suck up algae, which is a preferred meal for them. You can find a jemell pictured in the post previous to this one. Indeed, it is the same jemell as described in the prose.

jemell_scholarYou arrive early to your shift at the Star’s Rest Cantina. You may be part owner, but sometimes you need to reluctantly drag yourself out of your tiny apartment to make ends meet. This is one of those days. Your cantina is relatively small, but some GIN reviews have made it a pretty successful spot in Starbright City, Morriband. You and your business partner, Jef Laclen, have pride in your drinking-slinging skills and have carved a bit of a hipster-niche for you in this transit-hub turned city. He’s never really been completely satisfied with the bar, but you enjoy the relatively cozy atmosphere you two have developed in here over the years.

What you enjoy most though is the experience of talking to patrons. So many travelers from around the galaxy wander into your cantina, looking for a spot to rest, eat, and drink. If anything, you have used this business as a learning experience, always honing in on the latest visitor to expand your own knowledge-base. Sure, not all travelers are in the mood to talk, but when you give them enough to drink and the opportunity to speak they’ll more than likely let loose, letting you know just about whatever you want to.

Behind the central bar you get a nice view of the entirety of the oblong chamber that makes up the cantina. It’s been a bit slow today, from when Jef said, but you have the evening shift, and that’s when most commercial ships tend to arrive in Starbright. You begin cleaning some glasses as you chat up a regular, a rather tipsy gomben who sits at the bar. You become distracted, however, when a Jemell approaches. His four yellow eyes appear dull in the low lights of the cantina, and you can see a beard beneath his mouth-tendrils. His clothing is mostly utilitarian spacer garb: Brown synthweave short pants, and slightly unbuttoned khaki-colored top hug his tall, thin frame. What stands out most is a rather shiny tabard draped over his body.It is burnt orange and brown, but it shimmers in the low light due to reflective fibers sewn in. The pattern is some arrangement of trios of hexagons. He carries a small data-stylus with him, rolling between two long, dexterous fingers. Lastly you notice a small canvas bag that hangs off his hip from over his shoulders.

His mouth-tendrils wiggle excitedly, and his accent is gargled, making his common sound a little broken. He asks you, “What’s on the menu?”

You smile and gesture to a touch screen on the bar surface in front of him. “Just take your time and browse. If you want to try anything we have samples.”

He sighs in acknowledgement, though it comes out as more of a gurgle, as he places himself gingerly on a bar-stool. He begins scrolling through the menu, but holds his stylus tightly in his hand. You find yourself curious about this traveler and consider asking him a question.

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