Written By David Davis
Illustrations By David Davis


Lucky Strike Transport Corporate Medical Documentation

marken_medfile_photoOnboard Physician: Dorian D’Lazmuh RM.

Psychological Profile: Bernell Marken (04.16.2809)

Species: Astro-Mole

Age: 28

Bernell Marken was the first crew member to sign up for first round of mandatory psychological profiles. He also seems to be the most open to engaging with me in the process, which I feel conveys a great deal about his personality. I was able to engage him in extended conversation on various subjects of which he was arguably an enthusiastic participant. Marken is, technically, the superior of every individual on board the Lucky Strike as he is the CEO, yet he maintains an egalitarian perspective on duties and payment. He confided in me that his pay is level with that of a cook on a standard-sized transport ship and that whatever share of extended profits he is entitled to in his CEO position is funneled back into the ship and crew.

My focus is typically internal medicine and physical treatments so I will admit some weakness in the area of psychology. Despite this, I feel my training at the Academy on Gnarlruut is at least partially sufficient to weigh in on some of the things revealed during my extended conversations with Marken.

Marken’s attitude toward his work is very much a mask. It is clear that his “heart” is not really in the financial and managerial aspects of running the business. As such, I have recorded a tendency on his part of delaying his tasks in favor of his true love, cooking. Despite his distaste with the more managerial components of his work he does engage in them with some coaxing or the presence of deadlines. It is not unusual to hear Dash and Mara make requests for important information from him multiple times over a period of days.

It is increasingly clear that Marken’s interest in this cargo-business, of what little there is, was influenced by a traumatic event in his life: the death of his parents. He was 26 years old when his parents passed away during the terrible Y-356 incident on Teslovia in GSY2807. He is reluctant to discuss their passing, as one would expect, but what is unusual is what appears to be a level of indignation on his part concerning his life where they are concerned. I would not go as far as saying that he blames his parents for his current disappointment and dissatisfaction but I would suggest that he feels trapped. What is apparent is that the inheritance of the estate from their passing was funneled into the creation of the Lucky Strike Transport company as per the wishes of his parents. Apparently he does not maintain contact with his only living relative, his uncle Bernell Phenric, and while Marken claims that the lack of contact is not a purposeful, I suspect this is not the case.

What is directly obvious about Marken is his fascination with food, and more specifically the preparation of it. Marken spends large amounts of time in the galley of the ship, far beyond time spent simply cooking. He seems to enjoy spending time with the mounted datapad and going through various recipes in addition to taking somewhat obsessive inventories of food supplies. His passion and talent for food and the culinary arts are well regarded on the ship and it is not surprising that the crew is in semi-unanimous agreement that he handles all meals (on a more personal note, my stomach has difficulty with some of the more flavorful entrees he creates, but he is courteous and often prepares something more appropriate to my diet). Observing Marken in the kitchen is rather fascinating as he enjoys the pressure and workload of preparing foods for disparate tastes. While our terrekin crew-members are omnivorous, alongside Marken’s own dietary concerns, Senn Toucair is vegetarian, and Guugel does not consume solid food in any form. Despite these challenges, and my own somewhat limited flavor acceptance, Marken takes pride in ensuring everyone on the crew is able to sit down with an appropriate meal. Marken also seems to be very exacting when it comes to group dinners and eating at a set schedule when our duties permit. I suspect that this is related to the concept of family, as in general observation, the crew (myself included) sees Marken as a form of father figure despite his relative proximity to the median age of the crew.

I have only known Marken for a few months, and I do not have the prior relationship with him as I see between Dash, Mara, Kracker and he, but I do know that with my being a relative outsider he has made sure that I have been welcomed into the crew. If there was one thing I would want anyone to take from this profile concerning Marken, it would be the level of warmth and care he seems to convey toward everyone.

Resident Medic Dorian D’Lazmuh: 04.16.2809