Written by Deft Beck
Illustrations by David Davis



Writeup by Kel Danten

I drop out of the personal transport and flash my badge to the receiving crew. They take me over to the press lounge where I can see the grand entrance of every star that managed to show up on time this year. Trip just walked by with his security team, not too dandied up. Always was a simple bird, even in interviews. The frontman of Big Mombo, Jilli, just jumped off a balcony with HASH of NULL HASH OMEGA, of all people, diving into a crowd of fans that were crowding the transport dock. Heck if I know how he doesn’t sprain his pedicel.

Today’s the first day of F4, the Federation’s premier music festival, and from my vantage point, it’s a sea of legs. I’m riding on the shoulder of a nice security Marg, witnessing what is likely the largest crowd that this event has ever seen.

Coming into orbit with Shao and Jimi just a few hours ago, I could see hundreds of transports coming up from the surface of the Parrack homeworld, Skyhaven, to the planetoid of Ram. No idea how they could’ve afforded it, but rumor has it that counterfeiting is in full force, per usual. Needless to say, we’re all appreciative of the facilities. Not bad for an old fueling rock. This year’s show includes headliners Í, electronic trio Triflock and the machinations of Grey Materials, plus breakout stars Beyond the Earth and X-Patriot; expect a bunch of interviews as the week goes on.

They’ll all be playing in the beautiful, recently renovated Pali Superdome, which takes up most of the mainland for the planetoid. Fifty thousand people can fit in there, versus forty-thousand for last year’s F4. There’ll be regular shuttles between the planetoid and Skyhaven, per usual.

On a more serious note, I’d like to draw attention to the circumstances that facilitated this year’s show.

As few know, F4 is privately funded by a collection of galactic entrepreneurs. With the conflict raging on the fringes, I could sense that a lot of people felt like they didn’t want to risk the trip; the drop in attendance spooked Jal Mar, a longtime benefactor of the show, but after the fans responded in tandem over the GIN, he felt that he was willing to take the risk. And so, here we are, but not without a few stipulations by the host planet:

  1. No holographic data capturing allowed.
  2. The uppermost decks of the Pali superdome are locked off, but there will be overflow seating available in the pit, given that it’s not being used for a performance.
  3. Security’s cracking down on the premium pass holders sneaking their friends backstage. Scan in, scan out.
  4. No leaving the designated concert area. Old refueling planetoids are dangerous, folks.
  5. Remember to check your belongings before you leave the space elevator. The F4 staff is not liable for anything lost, including lives– just kidding. Be careful.

All in all, it stands to be a great bunch of shows this year, and I hope I don’t get tinnitus from the X-Patriot show.

Catch you later.

– Kel


A Word from Shao:

Hey there, readers.

F4’s been going for a couple of years now, but I don’t think I would’ve expected it to grow this big in such a short amount of time. Not even the venerable Fatfish Festival down on Ocia, going for generations, attracts this kind of a crowd.

I’m looking forward to seeing some established acts, as well as meeting some new faces. Even if you’re tired of the glitz, there are always new personalities to see and cultural clashes that happen once in a lifetime. That’s what F4 is all about, stars colliding together until you get a spectacle that you have to witness in person to really feel its impact.

Even if you couldn’t get a ticket, outlets like TQ still give you exclusive, high-quality content, all delivered over the GIN. People from all across the Silver Spiral can read our articles, giving me a feeling that we connect people from all alliances.

Maybe that’s the true power of music.

– Shao


A Word from Jimi:

I’ll keep this short.

No holo-content here, thanks to the rules. However, I’ll be doing some interviews myself. Kinda new at this, but I think I can pull it off. I just hope that I can refill my drink pod without having C.A.M. weighed down by tanks of the stuff!

– Jimi





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